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Keane Consulting

Applying Psychology - Addressing Terrorism - Advancing Change

Welcome to Keane Consulting

Keane Consulting provides expert forensic psychology consultancy services specialising in counter terrorism, group affiliated offending and criminal justice. Our experts provide evidence-based assessment and intervention design, implementation and evaluation, training and consultancy support to government and non-governmental organisations and agencies, nationally and internationally.

Our Approach

Five pillars underpin our work: Knowledge, Evidence, Analysis, Needs and Evaluation. These five pillars guide everything we do from how we approach new clients to how we assess the needs of clients and their stakeholders, to expert support that we recommend or provide.

As the world around us changes rapidly with evolving demands and threats and political and social landscapes, reforms and agendas, we believe that the key to your success is being flexible and evolving while staying true to our core pillars.



The services we offer are informed by many years of experience in forensic psychology, research, and product and service development and implementation. Our business is grounded in expert knowledge and experience.



Our products and services are based on research and sound social, psychological and criminological theory. We offer conscientious, explicit and judicious advice and consultancy services.



Our work centres around a thorough gap analysis, and identifies the specific nature of the support you require. We aim to improve efficiencies and offer tailored solutions to clients in order to counter terrorism and champion change.



The needs of our clients are central to the services we provide. We understand the fast-paced, ever-evolving landscape in which our expertise lie and client and stakeholder requirements define our parameters.



Evaluation is key to successful product and service provision. Evaluation both informs, and is informed by the evidence. Ongoing robust evaluation underpins the support we provide.

About us
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About Keane Consulting

Understanding the psychology of why individuals become involved in terrorism, and other group-affiliated offending (like gangs) is central to knowing both how to assess individual risk, and/or group threat, and also how to address those risks and/or threats. At Keane Consulting, we use our expertise and experience in this field to make a difference at all levels, be that assessments at an individual level, the development, or evaluation of a risk-reducing programme, or high-level strategy and policy aimed at protecting communities and the public. 

We are experts in forensic psychology with over 20 years of experience in applying psychological knowledge to the field of terrorism, group-affiliated offending, and other security and criminal justice matters. We are skilled in supporting the cost-effective attainment of challenging objectives within diverse, fast-paced and high-pressured environments. We have a proven record in working collaboratively with diverse stakeholders within, and outside the criminal justice system. Our services facilitate communication, decision-making, resource allocation and service provisions through the application of advanced knowledge, research, studies, and analytics.

Contact us today to discuss how our forensic psychology consultancy services can help you

Some of the services we offer:

  • Training to upskill staff working in the field of counter terrorism

  • Advise and support in the adaptation of processes in addressing terrorism in your context

  • Support and services in the development and implementation of measures designed to prevent terrorist offending

  • Authorship of guidance and policy to counter terrorism

  • The application of our expertise to unique problems faced by organisations and governments trying to prevent terrorism, rehabilitate and reintegrate individuals and prevent radicalisation

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