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Assessments, interventions and consultancy services

Forensic Psychology Consultancy

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Our Services

We offer a range of services tailored to your specific needs.

Project Management

Our consultants provide project management services in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of risk and threat assessments. We also provide project management services for rehabilitative programmes aimed at facilitating desistance and disengagement from terrorism and other group-affiliated violence and offending. 

Individual assessments and interventions

We offer individualised risk assessments and group threat assessments, as well as rehabilitative support and interventions to those individuals at risk of becoming involved in terrorism or other group-affiliated offending, as well as those already involved. 

Training and Consultancy

Our consultants offer psychologically informed and evidence-based training, authorship, advice and support to government and non-governmental organisations and agencies worldwide. We aim to provide responsive, collaborative and fit-for-purpose training and support in all areas of terrorism, counter terrorism and group-affiliated offending. 

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Areas of Expertise

Our psychological expertise and experience comes from the field of psychology, as well as complimentary disciplines including anthropology, criminology, and sociology. We provide evidence-based forensic psychology consultancy services nationally and internationally, in efforts to protect the public, prevent terrorist offending, reduce reoffending and facilitate desistance and disengagement from terrorism. 

Terrorism and Counter Terrorism

With more than two decades experience in terrorism and counter terrorism, our consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise from all areas of the criminal justice system in the UK, including the Police, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Justice. Our consultants have in previous roles designed, developed, implemented and evaluated the widely used terrorist risk assessment; the Extremism Risk Guidance (ERG22+) and the rehabilitative programme; the Healthy Identity Intervention (HII). 

Service Development and Evaluation

We have many years' experience in product and service development; in particular, in the areas of risk and threat assessment, preventative and rehabilitative programmes, and their evaluation. Our consultants are adept at managing complex, fast-paced, multi-disciplinary projects, with expertise that span the full product and service lifecycle: from strategy, to design, development, and implementation, to supervision, quality assurance and evaluation. 


Our expertise extends to the design, conduction and reporting of robust research across the criminal justice system. We work in close and lasting partnerships designing tailored research to address real issues. We combine methodologies and provide evidence-informed recommendations and support. Examples include piloting new assessments and evaluating rehabilitative programmes.

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